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7 Ideas for Using Columnar Pads in Your Small Business

Running a small business requires extreme organization. From expenses to income to record keeping - there are many things you need to stay on top of for success.

For a new small business owner, you may not be able to hire an administrator or office manager initially. Accounting Forms and Supply Co. offers a variety of columnar pads and worksheet notepaper to assist you in keeping track of it all. Here are 7 different areas where our notepads with columns can be used to help your small business.

Keep a detailed list of your separate bank accounts and credit card accounts. Maintain a quick look at the available funds in all accounts with a columnar pad.

setting up a process to invoice clients on a regular basis improves cash flow, reduces bad debts and helps keep timely communication with overdue clients.

Home Office Expenses
If you work from home and it is your only office, you can deduct any expenses that relate to your office, plus a percentage of expenses related to your total home. Use one of our larger columnar forms to mark expenses as they happen.

Cell Phones and Internet Usage
Most of us use our cell phones and the internet for business as well as personally. It is advisable to keep track of calculations of personal vs. business use.

Automobile Costs
If you use your vehicle to make sales calls for your business, keep a columnar pad handy to record license, registration, fuel, and maintenance costs.

Health Insurance Expenses
The self-employed and small business owners should keep record of prescriptions, medical, dental, and other health related costs.

Bad Debts / Strong Paying Customers
Having a list of clients handy in your briefcase can be a helpful tool. Use our columnar pads to have a reference of clients, the amount of business they do, and typical products purchased. Then, even if you don't have a computer or internet access available, you can still get the info you need in a hurry.

Ensuring that you keep on top of your finances is one of those much hated, but absolutely necessary tasks for which it is essential to have a system in place, even if you do have an accountant. Many customers find having working sheets or columnar pads available and designated for different expenses a great help in keeping themselves and their businesses running smoothly.